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Zero-touch deployment for SCCM-managed Mac devices

Parallels? Mac Management for Microsoft SCCM integrates with the Apple? Device Enrollment Program (DEP) so you can automatically enroll and configure new Mac? devices remotely, eliminating time-consuming imaging and manual configuration. Support for Apple DEP and the unique integration with SCCM enables IT admin to seamlessly set up and provision new Mac computers for employees.

DEP-Enrolled Mac with SCCM

  • Maintain control and security. An automated enrollment process allows you to configure any Mac computer remotely.
  • Customize each device to give your users exactly what they need at first use.
  • After finishing the Apple Setup Assistant, users are ready to use their new Mac—no additional work required.
  • Zero-touch macOS? deployment using the Microsoft SCCM console provides a seamless end-user experience only possible with Parallels Mac Management.

Experience Apple DEP with
Parallels Mac Management
for Microsoft SCCM.