Slalom Case Study

“I would absolutely recommend Parallels to other companies who are deploying Macs. It’s been a fantastic solution for us.”

Dan Yurcovic
Operations Manager
Slalom Consulting

“Helps close the gaps for those aren’t comfortable using Macs”

Adam Kostrzak
IT Director

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Major medical researcher relies on Parallels Desktop for Mac Business Edition

“Parallels Desktop for Mac Enterprise Edition was a perfect solution for our group.”
Michael Scarpelli / Senior IT Manager

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The American School in Japan Relies on Parallels Desktop for Mac Business

“Parallels makes your workflow so much easier because you’re not switching devices.”
Matt Wilce / Director of Coms & Annual Support

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Gilt Japan sets up a Mac OS X-exclusive environment

“(Parallels) gives us more time to handle bigger and more important infrastructure tasks.”
Andrew Robinson / Senior IT Support Engineer

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St. Peter’s Girls’ School Deploys Parallels Desktop? for Mac Business Edition

“.., it is an enabling tool for teachers that helps increase their productivity...”
Nicolas Cronis / Info. & Comm. Tech. Manager

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NYU Shanghai deploys Parallels Desktop? for Mac Business Edition

“Parallels has built a solid reputation for its customer service, and so far, we’re happy...”
Chai Kan / OS X and Linux Administrator

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World-Renowned U.S. Medical Center

“Parallels was able to provide us a Windows on Mac solution that was easy to deploy, manage, and support.”

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“Parallels Desktop for Mac Enterprise Edition is an essential tool for putting platforms aside and focusing on learning opportunities. Students have never been more prepared to enter today's dynamic workforce.”
John Hanlon / Business Solutions Manager

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“Choosing Parallels Desktop for Mac has proven to be a solid solution for our organization. With their continued focus on quality product improvements and new features, they've distinguished themselves as a virtualization platform I can count on.”
Todd Thiel / Senior IT Support Engineer

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Parallels Desktop has become an essential tool for incapptic production processes

“The virtualization solution from Parallels makes it extremely easy for us to create new instances through clones and the use of templates without having to set up the Mac mini from scratch each time or having to acquire new hardware.”
Rafael Kobylinski / CEO, incapptic GmbH

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Nepean Community College prepares Australian adults for a digital future with Parallels Desktop for Mac Business Edition

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Software Development and IT Consulting Company Relies on Parallels Desktop

“Compared to competing products, Parallels Desktop was user-friendly, integrated into macOS in a better way, and was easier to configure.”
Jakob Tewes / Head of the Technical Infrastructure Department